Friday, November 18, 2011

which one is cooler?

Sometimes to show off is look cool. Sometimes it doesn't. Seriously. Showing off is like put kick-me-on-my-face-real-hard sign at the back. It is not cool beans man. A common scenario in Malay drama.

"Wah lawa sial kasut ko. Bling-bling lagi. Brape angkat ni?"

"Lawa kan. Lawa kan. An an an. Bapak aku beli semalam. 2.75 juta dolar Amarika Syarikat sebelah. Kaya tak aku? Kaya kan. An an an. Hahahaha".

Faken show off right. If this ever happen to me, in split second my giant footprint nicely stamped on faggy face of hers. Slap a biatch like a boss bebeh. For me la, being modest and not cocky, is the most beautiful, cool thing you can do. It is like you bring peace to this bitter world.

People will respect you and eventually you will gain trust from them. And then you can rule the world with darkness, evil plan to destroy all good forces. Ultraman, Superman, Batman, Nunja Boy, Power Rangers etc, will vanished. Godzilla, Lord Voldermort, The Joker, Hagemaru, they all will be ruled under you. The one and only. Absolute power. Hahahahahaha.

Enough of this superhero world vanishing evil plan. I've carried away. Sorry. But it's true though. Well, America do this. Act nice with Arabs' countries, supply them with weapon, help a lil bit. Poison the people's mind. In the end, we all can see what they have done to the cocky arabs and their real intention, bring chaos. Iraq, Afghanistan and many countries have fell to their jurisdiction.

Back to the topic. As I said earlier, to not show off is way cooler than to show off. I remember my sister told me once about her schoolmate. One day, a teacher asked every one of her students about their parent's job. The teacher asked my sister's friend.

"Hey Salmiah, (bukan nama sebenar) bapak ko kerja apa ek?"

"Keje biasa je cikgu. Drebar je cikgu."

"Oow. Drebar. Drebar apa?"

"Drebar helikopter cikgu."


See the difference? This one is ice cool babe. Don't act cool. You're already cool since the first the day. Otherwise you will end up in longkang like me. Damn malu sial.

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