Wednesday, August 31, 2011

edisi malam raya pertama

Nothing much happen. There is no fireworks or whatsoever. Lepak at McD Teluk Chempedak. Pekena double GCB sebagai ganti ketupat and rendang. Layan fireworks unofficial show. Just cruising in Din's 7-series around Kuantan (jadi sakai jap, haha). Pusing-pusing cari tempat best nak lepak in future. Nasib baik Din ada. Very nice la mamat ni bawak kami gi jalan-jalan cari port best kat Kuantan.

Lepak-ing at Coffee Street with his bestfriend's family. Pak long, pak ngah, pak su. Old guys, young souls. Easy going. Padahal tak kenal before this. Tapi we can hang out and chit chatting like old friends. Nice! Bila cerita kedai kopi da buka, takde sape yang nak stop. There'll always be topic to talk about. Pot-pet pot-pet, dah pukul 2. Masing-masing beransur la pulang. What a night! Not really wild night but to know and hangout with such people with another background in field of work is really open-up my mind. Very berilmiah.

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