Friday, April 15, 2011

mistakes. don't run from them.

Humans, a creature that make dozens of mistake. As a human, we can't afford to run from making mistakes. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, sooner or later they're gonna hump you after all. So, don't ever feel down when you make mistakes instead learn from them. Everybody make mistakes. Mistakes make us become more mature and rigid in continuing our life. Mistakes do teach us a lot. No matter how good are you and no matter how well-trained are you, mistakes can haunt you all your life. You know why? Because we are not perfect! Don't forget, we are just human. Even the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, the most senior regiment in British Army, can have their off-days.

The unluckiest human in the planet is a man who keep making the same mistakes over and over. He who not learn from the mistakes and keep doing them is as stubborn as a mule. They will never go far. They'll only rot in same place for the rest of their life. Forgive me if I'm gone too far, but that is the bold truth. I'm not saying that I am glad when slip-ups. No. I also am human. I born on earth. Not from Mars. Life has ups and downs. Counter and manage wisely what ever come across you. As James Joyce once said; " A man's errors are his portals of discovery". Take my advice guys, let's do mistakes but don't repeat them because you'll only looks like a moron if you do it again and again. Haha. Rise and shine guys!

p/s: lama tak tulis lam BI. saje je nak test writing before jawab MUET esok. teruknya BI aku. and why on earth I still have to take MUET to graduate? Arghh.


aeina said...

not bad! gud luck and break a pen~

Nina said...

wah.. james joys,, sape tuh.. hang nye eng mmg tip top.,.aja aja fghtink 4 MUET.. cik buah hati ( ai'ena wink2) sudah bagi semangat.. make dengan itu.. band 5 ok

naqib faiz said...

hahahaha.. mana ada dia bagi semangat. downkan lagi ada la. ada ke patot suh break a pen. abes nak tulis ngan apa lagi.. haishh